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Icy by WerewolfUlrich

I absolutely love this piece.. But there is some things I would like to address.

The hand, it is waaay to large, so is the arm. If you size it down, you'll be fine.

Is he wearing a jacket? Because the grey/black lines are out of place a tad.

His tongue, it's too thin to be an actual tongue. Just chunk it up a bit to make it more 'realistic' if you will.

The blueish tone under his eye should be more blackish, if you want the real affect.

Gosh, is he a vampire? If not, add some skin color! It seems either he is sick or a vampire >3> So add some more tan and you'll be perfect!

Thanks for reading~
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WerewolfUlrich Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehe most of this stuff I noticed but the truth is I'm too lazy to fix them. :P Because for some reason I realize the mistakes right after I finished inking and coloring.

No, Chase is not wearing a jacket in this picture, he's just wearing a grey shirt.

Also his skin is really unhealthy so I guess you could say he is kinda sick. ;) He's a goth so he doesn't care about it.
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